Long Covid Support

         in the ribble valley

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on health and health inequalities in the UK. An estimated 1.1 million (1.69% of the total UK population) reported symptoms persisting more than 4 weeks after their positive test. Let’s Live Life, Brain Health Breakthrough and HRVCVS have come together, introducing free Long Covid recovery services in the Ribble Valley!  

What services do we offer?

Free, safe and effective home video exercise programmes for aid in recovery at home.  The videos come in three phases. You must complete Phase One numerous times without relapse before upgrading to Phase Two, then of course the same for the release of Phase Three.  Once Phase One requirements have been met, a self referral form must be completed before the release of Phases Two and Three, as an assessment needs to be carried out by one of our friendly instructors. 

Free exercise classes at Roefield, specially designed to suit all Long Covid patients and those who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue.  These classes include mobility and flexibility to regain or maintain full range of movement, to enable you to be able to do daily activities, strength and cardio classes to rebuild or maintain muscle tone and to improve the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body.  Balance is also incorporated into the classes to improve the body’s ability to maintain posture and centre of gravity.

Within the Let’s Live Life room at Roefield, we also host a Free Support Group led by Alison from the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Community Volunteers Service. This is suitable for anybody who suffers with diagnosed fatigue, which includes Long Covid patients. This is held fortnightly on a Tuesday at 1pm. To find out when the next meeting is, please send an enquiry to sam.letslivelife@gmail.com.

One of our partners, Brain Health Breakthrough, will also attend our support group meetings every month to offer further support and meditation. They also offer their own free Online Long Covid Peer Support and Guided Meditation for those who are unable, or do not wish to leave their home.  For further details on this service, please email Karen@brainhealthbreakthrough.co.uk.

Ready for Phase One videos?

Click here to see the Phase One videos. These are completed at home and are the starting point to assisting with your recovery.

Ready to self-refer onto our services?

Click here to self refer to our specialist services.



If you would like more support, information, or would like to refer to our Let’s Live Life scheme, you can access this by clicking here!