• Please complete the videos below. Once you can confidently complete them, you can refer yourself  to the Let’s Live Life team for Phase Two. 
  • We ask that everything shared with you is not passed on to others.  We carry out assessments with clients to assure that they are exercising within their own personal capabilities. It is unsafe to share exercises with others without prior consent of the instructor. 
  • We advise that you only do the exercise video that day, try to keep all other tasks to a minimum.  This tells us if the exercises are workable with your daily life.  If you do not relapse then you can introduce more things ie. housework, driving, socialising, into your day along with the video/s.
  • If you have been advised by your GP or any health care professional not to exercise please do not participate in any of the home videos.
  • If you are uncomfortable with any of the exercises that you are doing then please stop.
  • If you start to fatigue, tremor, or your heart rate increases rapidly, please stop until this passes.
  • You can access the Phase One videos without referral.  You must be able to competently complete these exercises and incorporate at least one video in with your normal daily routine.   Once you have completed a self referral form your instructor will be in touch to assess you before releasing Phase Two.  Once Phase Two is completed you need to speak to your instructor again to be able to move on to Phase Three or join our Let’s Live Life scheme, which consists of live classes and/or one to one sessions with our specialist instructors.